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Hi, I’m Harriett, an Integrative Psychotherapist (MA), passionate about helping people to explore reasons they might be struggling with their mental health. To see how it works, book a FREE 20 minute chat with me here. Find out more about me & my services using the menu above. All people and ages from 12 years welcome.

Positive steps to good mental health

It’s usually the simple things in life that give us the most happiness. Use this checklist to see if there are things you could do to boost your wellbeing.  

How I Can Help You

I work using a range of therapy styles to suit you. These include humanistic, psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural therapy and existential therapy. Learn more about therapy in the articles below.

What is therapy?

There are many types of therapy and in this article, we’ll talk about some popular ones and their differences.

How can therapy help me?

While the act of sharing your difficult situation with a therapist is therapeutic, there is more to the process than talking….

Can therapy cure my anxiety?

Anxiety can have a number of causes and can be effectively managed by a combination of therapy types.

Free 20 minute consultation

Finding the right therapist is critical so let’s have a chat to see if can work together. Call me for your free 20 minute telephone consultation.

Take the first step towards better mental health

You might invest in a gym membership for your physical health but what about your mental health? Finding a therapist can give you the time and space to explore what is blocking you from leading your best life. It can help you tackle those never-ending negative conversations you have with yourself or process trauma and come to terms with difficult events. Call me to discuss if therapy could help you.